Round up: Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Toddlers

Sunday, February 1, 2015

At 20 months, my daughter E's attention span is getting just a wee bit longer allowing us to add a few creative projects to our activity list. Sometimes they go horribly, and other times I'm pleasantly surprised. I find great satisfaction in crafting, creating and gifting and hope to instill just a bit of that passion for creativity in my daughter.

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to send our friends and family something homemade. So I searched high and low and here are a few cute ideas I found. Check back for the project tackled our final result!

Hello & Welcome

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hi, I'm Natalie.

I've been a blogger since 2007 and have always enjoyed the process of writing and sharing. Blogging started as a way for me to share cute photos of the lab puppy we brought home and evolved into a 1,000+ page online scrapbook of our lives.

As the content of my blog became more personal with the birth of our baby girl in May of 2013, my writing became less personal. Fear of judgement and a desire for privacy, held me back from writing and talking about the things that were truly on my mind.

So, after careful consideration, I decided to start fresh.

A daunting task in a world that is abundant with bloggers, my goal is for this space to be about anything and everything on my mind. As a new, working mom, my time is limited. Coffee chats and dinner dates with friends are sparse. So this space, this new blog, I'm hoping it can be an outlet for me. To write and talk about those things I'd discuss over a diet coke and a crisp salad if we were in the same city, had complimentary schedules and had the good fortune to be real life friends. Topics ranging from my favorite things to fashion; from motherhood to marketing; from crafts to cooking.
We'll see were this goes...I'm just very thankful you are along for the ride.

Leave a comment. Introduce yourself. Let's be friends.